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The Savannah College of Art and Design

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Date: May 18 2008
Major: Art & Design Department (This Major's Salary over time)
SCAD is a joke. Unfortunately I did not realize this until it was too late. I was graduated and owed loans over $100,000 in total. I've been a graduate from SCAD about 3 years now and I have found out that SCAD's "outstanding reputation" is pretty much a bunch of bull. I've been on countless interviews since graduating and I'm being 100% honest, companies will not hire me strictly because I am from SCAD. I actually had an interviewer tell me directly that if I had gone to Parsons or Ringling, any other art school but SCAD, he would have hired me. SCAD has a reputation alright, but it's not a good one. I found out it wasn't just me after talking to other SCAD graduates who have apparently been having the same problem. Much like others, I have been forced to attend another school just to be able to show companies that I have experience outside of SCAD, so that they wont hold it against me. Here is SCAD's "outstanding repuatation" from employers points of view: SCAD is not a real art school, it is merely a time waster and money machine. Most students at SCAD are not even real artists, just kids who dont know what they want to do with themselves yet, so they cruise by spending their parents money with the added bonus of being able to skip math, science, and business classes. Which is another thing that bit me in the butt after graduation. I thought it might be a problem while I was there, and it was confirmed when I tried to get a job. Even as artists…YOU MUST TAKE A BUSINESS COURSE! Or at least have some business sense. SCAD skips over all of that. They are way too focused on actual art classes, they dont offer anything business oriented. I've had countless employers ask me "Have you taken any business courses?" "Any math?" It's not just enough to be a talented aloof artist anymore, you also must have a business mind. SCAD apparently doesn't realize this. Had I known I would run into all this trouble now, I would have just went to a basic 4 year university and did another major and just an art minor. At least then I would have ended up with a more well rounded education allowing me to get a job, instead of just art, art, and more art. I suggest anyone considering SCAD do the same. Change your mind now, if not, you'll regret it in the long run. Do not waste your money or time on SCAD. The only person who benefits from SCAD is the schools president and professors, the students get the raw end of the deal. As far as everything else goes about SCAD…the students are mean, spoiled, little rich brats or they are seriously depressed and/or suicidal from being at the school…the professors are egotistical dictators who are usually jealous of their students and often they are racists or play favorites…the dorms are like mini prisons and off campus isnt much better or safer…the food is far from good or healthy…you spend more money on the school than you do learning anything from it…and Savannah is just a crummy, boring, dirty place in itself, definitely NOT a real "college town." All in all, SCAD is just not worth it. You wont get a real college experience from it, nor will you find success from being a SCAD graduate…you'll only find rejection.
responseFrankly, I have no sympathy for you. SCAD has had a LOT of bad rumors about them for years! It was all over the web. You could and should have gone to a number of other schools. You chose to either ingore all of the bad info about SCAD or just didn't do your research about the school. Either way, you get no sympathy from me.
responseHahaha Scad offers a Business Management and Entrepreneurship Minor honey. No matter what college you go to you have to take and use everything to your ability. You should have at least taken up the personal initiative to learn the things you felt were missing either elsewhere or at least requested it. Wow
responseJust a quick note from a SCAD parent here. My son is FINALLY graduating from SCAD and from the stories he tells me, his review is not much different than the one posted above. What I have found appauling is the number of lies SCAD tells to students considering the school. I'm guessing whoever posted this review did research and take personal initiative to learn things, but like many students (the other considerable amount who wrote negative reviews)they probably just fell for it. Congrats to you for having a better experience than others..maybe you're just lucky. Do not bash those who had less of a fortunate experience. You dont have to show sympathy, but perhaps you shouldnt prove the person right when they basically stated that SCAD students were arrogant. You show your arrogance with these replies. As far as the Business Management Minor, that was only recently added to the school. Did you consider that it probably wasnt available when the student above was attending??
responseThis seems like a load of bull. Every job I've received is BECAUSE I'm a SCAD graduate. I received a wonderful education and had amazing professors. Most of the kids I've talked to that have regretted their SCAD education are people who didn't want to work for their grades and their portfolio upon graduating showed it. University isn't high school and it's no one's responsibility but your own to make sure you succeed. If you want your hand held and someone to follow you around and hold your hand through your entire degree try University of Phoenix.
responseWe were told that scad is the 2nd biggest employer to disney and pixar. when went to linkedin to see where scad people go, out of the rough 31,000-32,000 people who went to scad 25 went reported working at disney. based on that distribution , it would be against the odds to go to disney via scad. About 90 plus pct are working in some kind of art museum.
responseScad is an art school moron. A studio school. What jobs are you looking at and if indeed you needed addition business courses then…stop whining
responseIt's unfortunate that you didn't make the best of SCAD. First of all, it depends on your major. Secondly, you need to have some smarts and not only a creative type. My son graduated from SCAD only a few short years ago, and had/is working at some of the most recognized animation houses in the country.
responseThe employment statistics that SCAD gives are bull. The students have a reputation for being dumb otherwise they wouldn't have be swindled by SCAD.
commentNice one
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responseAlthough I am SCAD dropout I cannot tell you how many jobs it has helped me get for just going there. I have many former classmates that have gone far with their degrees but it does depend on what your major was and where you are willing to move. As far as not offering any business that is just bs. As the executive director for a non profit I used information I learned in the business classes at SCAD all the time and was saddened by how many art majors from other schools did not take similar courses. You did have to elect to take them. I wilk admit a huge reason I left was I could not relate to all thr entitled students who were just there because they painted well ans their parenta wanted them to go to college but I would say as far as the kids that took it seriously they are doing well for themselves. I wish i didnt have the debt but the education I got was amazing.
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commentScad has had multiple suicides ON CAMPUS and each death is always covered up so that students can continue to apply smh. Run far far away
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