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The Savannah College of Art and Design

How this student rated the school
Educational QualityD Faculty AccessibilityC
Useful SchoolworkD Excess CompetitionC
Academic SuccessD+ Creativity/ InnovationC
Individual ValueF University Resource UseD
Campus Aesthetics/ BeautyF FriendlinessC
Campus MaintenanceC Social LifeD
Surrounding CityF Extra CurricularsB
Describes the student body as:
Friendly, Approachable, Closeminded

Describes the faculty as:
Friendly, Unhelpful

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He cares more about Campus Aesthetics/ Beauty than the average student.
Date: Feb 14 2008
Major: Fine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc (This Major's Salary over time)
I've gone to SCAD for two quarers now. Having transfered from a different school - I can't say there's much to commend SCAD.

For what I'm paying - I feel like the whole deal is a rip-off. I'm majoring in photography. At my old school, which cost a whole lot less to go to - any photo student could use the darkrooms and lab for free. Here - you have to pay a $35 fee per quarter to use the lab. Even worse, for digital photographers, you're not even allowed to use the inkjet printers until you're taken the inkjet class.

For how much money being charged, SCAD is marked by incredible miserliness. One building (Wallin Hall) does not even have clocks in all of the class rooms!

Another great money making scheme they have is their bizarre and patently absurd attendance policy. According to this policy, if you miss four classes, you're automatically flunked for the quarter. Being late to class by 15 minutes equals an absence (and classes are two and half hours long). We're told that this policy is in place because of the short quarters SCAD has (charge lots of money for short quarters… seeing a theme here?) and that if you miss four classes, it's as though you've missed 20% of your education that quarter. Never mind the fact that most teachers require students to spend many hours each week studying on their own time outside of class - so that roughly 50% of your learning time happens outside of class… Many other students, and even some of the professors have remarked that they find this policy somewhat ridiculous, if not downright asinine. Regardless of what they say, it's a good way for the school to flunk people and charge them to take a class over (seeing a theme here?).

The teachers are a mixed bag, as could be expected with any school. My own have been pretty mediocre (I have had better teachers in community college) but friends I have have apparently encountered pretty good professors, that actually give out interesting and educational assignments. So all I can gather from this is that it's a mixed lot, and there some real lemons in the mix. The lesson of course is to research your professors and choose them carefully. Which can also be difficult… because SCAD hires teachers on one year contracts - so the person who might have been your friend's favorite last year - may no longer be employed by the school this YEAR. And SCAD has had a not too heart warming history of firing staff here and there for differences of opinion with the school's owners.

The campus is spread out, roughly over 3 miles of Savannah. You'd like to use a car to go to class - but there's rarely enough parking at any of the halls to make this practical in real life. You can bike during the fall and winter, but the rest of the year is really too hot and humid (for all but the heartiest, or most masochistic of souls). Luckily they have an adequate shuttle system. You can get around, if you're lucky and watch your watch (and you'll have to if you happen to go to one of SCAD's clockless buildings).

Last, and probably least: Savannah. What can I say, Savannah is about as exciting as an old man talking about how he wished the U.S. Mint would bring back the wheat penny. This town is a tourist stop for old people on their way to Florida. This is no college town. Savannah forbids anyone under the age of 21 from going to music shows. This city is a second rate old fogey fart course. Unless you like historic architecture, or sightseeing tours on hideous faux-streetcars, this city doesn't have much going for it. Everything downtown closes between 5pm and 6pm. So far as cities go, this city is like a red giant imploding (for comparison say St. Louis is a black hole, and N.Y. or Seattle is comparable to something like our own Sun).

What more can I say. SCAD is an overpriced school in an incredibly boring city. Some courses are better than others. Some teachers are worse than others. You could probably find a better school for cheaper, or an equal school in a far better city.

responseFrankly, everyone who applies to SCAD is aware of their checkered history. There was a LOT of negativity about the school. Thus, I frankly don't feel too sorry for you. You ignored all of the many, many warnings!
responseGood lord! this is just one giant whining campaign!
The attendance policy is nothing to complain about, I'm sorry if you don't feel like showing up for a class already costing several thousand dollars, that's your choice to waste, but it's not fair to the other students coming in every class while others have missed more than a quarter of lessons.
I am a photography student as well- and here's the key- ASK! If you ask to use something, they WILL let you! My friends and I have never heard 'no' from the photo dept.
It honestly seems that you are not exploring the school or the town as much as you should, which is the main personal problem I have with many people when they talk about how much they hate SCAD.
responseThey have since added printers that general students can use… but the rest of this review still stands.

I left after last quarter, and do not regret it.

I trampled all over Savannah and into S.C. and Florida as well. I've taken classes in other departments for other majors and have set foot in every building on campus (granted it took a while because of how exceptionally bad the campus design is) but I think I explored enough.
Lord knows I tried to find something good to say about this place. I did eventually have two VERY good teachers - but one of them retired last quarter, and te other one is going to only teach part time starting next quarter…
So I stand behind what I have said.

commentI was accepted into SCAD and I started the summer quarter. I heard from many people that it was such a great art school and that the name spoke for itself. I had read many horrible reviews from prior students and different individuals about the school. Some prior students speaking about being 100,000 dollars in debt and unable to get a job just because of SCADS name on their resume. Although I read these reviews I still decided to attend because we all know you get what you put into something. I still thought it was a great school and great opportunity. I live one hour away from Savannah, so I was willing to travel every day for school. I started this past Monday and dropped out completely by Wednesday. I have never been so disappointed in my life. It seems like a complete money scheme. Every student is required to pay a 500.00 non-refundable fee upon admission. You would think they would use some of this money towards their buildings, classrooms, student activities, or supplies for their students, etc… Some of the actual SCAD facilities are great!! But some of the student workspaces were absolutely terrible. For the amount of money SCAD charges for tuition and everything else you would think every facility would be in top condition. Not only for tourists and parents, but for students as well. My first teacher was great! He kept things interesting during the two and a half hours I was in class. For Tuesday, both of my teachers were soooo boring I could barely stay awake. (Total of 5 hours). I am a transfer student so I know that all teachers are different. Some boring, some terrible, and some great. But, two out of three of my teachers were incredibly boring. Something I really never expected at an art school. (Also, in my drawing class there were students who couldn't draw to save their life! A few were just doing the class for fun!!! I thought all students were supposed to be talented to be able to attend SCAD. Nope!!). Despite my boredom and the crappy buildings I still thought I would stay. For three classes almost 200.00 worth of materials were required for students to buy (beginning students!) along with books. For the summer quarter which is 6 weeks.. It Costs almost 12,000.00 plus materials, books, and for me: gas to go to and from school. Which is outrageous for what SCAD actually is… Yet I still decided to stay because of SCADS reputation. Tuesday night after I got out of school and came home I felt such disappointment from my expectations of SCAD so I decided to do more research. I had a feeling that I made a huge mistake. The icing on the cake was SCADS accreditation!!!!!! That's an absolute no go for me! I believe I am more so mad at myself for this not being the first thing I researched in regards to this school. After I found this out I decided to go the next day and drop out. I will not waste my time and any more money on a school that has crappy facilities, classrooms, boring teachers, and rude staff members. Most importantly its accreditation. I was so disappointed in the school I didn't even care about giving it a try for one semester; to at least get something for the 500.00 fee I paid. My admissions advisor was incredibly rude as well as other staff members… They're main concern being money. SCAD is a complete money racket! Get out while you can. The accreditation being the most important reason. Yes I lost about 800.00. The 500.00 fee, 200.00 worth of materials, and 100.00 in gas. The parking sucks too! There is barely any parking for the buildings, so you will be riding around a while and possibly walking a good ways to the buildings once you finally find something. I spent more money in gas riding around savannah trying to find parking than the hour long drive back and forth daily. Although I lost money I am greatful for this experience. Always, always do complete research before diving in! Some things are not as awesome as they seem to be…
responseSCAD is a joke. It's a money making scam. They let everyone in. Save your money and go somewhere real.
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