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The University of Southern California

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Friendly, Arrogant, Self Absorbed

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Date: Aug 08 2005
Major: Business - Management and Administration (This Major's Salary over time)
ooooookkkkkkkk well, i have noticed the repetitive nature of these comments. its the same thing over and over again: lousy student body, lousy profs., lousy neighnorhood, lousy academic atmoshpere, lousy curve. all of whcih are not unique to just USC, but are problems at many schools. lets address them:

on lousy student body- a good number of the student body is greek affiliated. yes, members of this community tend to be self centered and shallow. the guys even more than the girls sometimes. this isnt some kind of phenomenon at SC, its everywhere. even at ucla. and the reason why the greeks tend to be mean to non greeks is b/c its defense mechanism type of deal. anybody who's not greek deosnt like the system, which happens to be the majority of the student body. and if somebody in the greek system doenst want to talk to you, its probably b/c your ugly or you have bad breathe or you dont care of yourself. yes, its shallow. too bad its like that at all schools. you alos shouldnt judge students for enjoying USC's party life, b/c ist there and it is a ball. its a good thing, not a bad thing. what? you want to go to boring school? should have gone to ucla, buddy.

on lousy profs.- i transfered from uci to SC. you think SC profs will be bad? buddy, you have no clue. at SC, profs. like to teach, theyre there to teach. at uc's, theyre there to research. when i was studying at uci, i failed an econ midterm. there was a problem with that picture: i dont fail. so i talk to the prof. (his name is mcbride, if you care. happened to be a SC grad) and he says that the TA had mademajor grading errors with my test. prof. says i should keep my score b/c if he regrades it, he will regrade it harder. i say bull\(hit, i deserve to be regraded like evrybody else. he says he was being very fair and that it would be unfair to other students to regrade my test. i say bullSRF:ELEMENTS:18xsrfhit. again, this is not unique to SC. uchicago, nyu, columbia, cal, and other urban schools happen to be in \)hitty hoods too. hmmm, imagine that. its so easy to compare ucla and SC, and be like 'SC sucks.' thats b/c westwood is unique, SC's hood is not. it's actaully quite real. no other school is in an area like westwood. if the hood scares you, which would be pathetic, dont come here and then cry about it. on lousy academic atmoshpere- i have a 3.5/3.6 gpa, i have no problem finding a place in the library to study. on lousy curve- i dont like it either. so i emailed yash gupta (marhals dean) to ask why such a lousy curve would be implemented at SC. he actaully emialed me back! i was really surprised, no dean would ever email me back at uci. anywyas, he said that the marshall curve is implemented to encourage students to work harder than their peers. its to encourage competition, basically. why? b/c the quality of marshall students was too good. they would all get A's on a straight curve. some classes are easy like that, like marketing. heres how it works: if a grading distribution is where its supppose to be (where a C is a C and the curve is naturaly straight) the curve wont touch you nor will it affect you if the class avg happens to be lower than a C; however, if the class avg is a B- or above then the grading curve is restructered to give those who scored the avg an avg grade. if the avg was a B, than those who got a B get a C on their transcript. (surprise! a prof i had at uci did this also, b/c here class had a B avg, and i ended up witha B rather than my A) so grades are basically not handed out. what? you thought college was easy? too bad, so sad. so classes like marketing arent as easy as they were back in '98. no more easy A classes, its the new wave. and it makes sense now. not surprisingly, nyu's stern does implement such a curve. i wish i still had yash gupta's email he explained it really well, but i deleted it. and for grad school, well at any school its cake to geta 3.3 gpa, its simply too easy. but a 3.4+ means you have some kind of balls on you. and marshall curve makes that so. anything above a B+ avg gpa is gold to grad schools and bulge bracket employers. but anything below is lackluster. but if you graduate as a biz student, you dont need to get your mba b/c you know biz already (grad b-school and undergrad b-school curricilum happens to be the same, genius..sans GE requirments for ugrads. why do you think most biz majors dont do their mba? b/c its pointless to learn what you already know). and law school admissions is now almost soleley on your LSAT score, which has nothing to do with GPA. hello stoopid, you havent done you research. let me now educate you on grad school prospecting…

if you are a still b!tching about marshall's curve, then you are probably a marshall student. whcih means the only grad schools you are thinking about are b-school and l-school. no med schools or other masters. like i said b-school is pointless if you major in biz. you will be learing the same thing again. if you took aaway the GE requirments of a undergrad b-school, you would two yrs of graduate b-school. surprise! gpa doesnt matter like it use to. what? still dont believe me? i have a cousin who happens to have graduated from ucla anderson b-school. he had a 3.3 gpa, witha 580 gmat score. oops, looks like your wrong again. he got into anderson b/c of his job expereince, which is what matters to b-schools now. look at bschool apps, they will ask you questions like what have you learned from your work experience, where do you want to go in your career and why, how will b-school help you accomplish these goals, etc. now you best have something to talk about, b/c the avg b-school aplicant is 26-27 with 5 yrs experience(my cousin was 30 yrs old when he graduated b school). do you think after 6 yrs out of school your gpa is going to be a better indication of your character or what you want to do in life? hell no, dumba$$. so now we have established that gpa isnt everything for b-school. how about law school. well my ex girlfriend is taking lsat prep. and her procters have told her that law school admissions is now almost soleley based on lsat score, not gpa. the next biggest factor is where youve been, and most of the time its not school, as most law students are old people now. oh durn, your wrong again. so lets recap: basically, gpa is not everything it is cracked up to be, so dont worry about the marshall curve so much.

now, i have spent so much time on USC's shortcomings. what has USC have to offer? probably the best jobs on the west coast, buddy. check it:

"Internship Consortium

The [Career Planning and Placement Center] maintains an internship listing partnership with Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, Rice, and Northwestern universities. This gives you access to shared, national internship opportunities through the USC monsterTRAK system." thats straight from the career center website. heres who comes recruit at USC: you can add bear sterns to that list, as they are having interviews on campus this fall, according to USC's monstertrak. in addition, USC's career center offers a mentorship program. basically somebody in whatever career your interested in will walk you through what you need to do in order to break into that career.

in addition, USC offers the full line of vault career guides. want the skinny on ibanking? theres a guide for that. flight atendant career? yup theres a guide for that too. consluting? real estate? law? sales and trading? yes, yes ,yes , yes. biotech career guide for bio majors? acting career guides for theatre majors? yes and yes. college career bible, intership guides, top employers guides for every industry, you name we have FREE (yes, FREE) access to it (each guide is about $30 at the bookstore). just download the PDF file from our monstertrak website.

anybody b!tching about how USC didnt hook them up with a job has three things in common with others who b!tch about how they didnt get a job from USC:

1. they let the social life take control of their lifestyle, and then marshall curve screwed them for not studying like the rest of the smart people in their classes.

2. they didnt take advantage of the resources available to them.

3. they thought jobs would just materialize in front of them just because of their degree. welcome to the real world, pal. seriously though most complaints about USC by USC students are problems that occur at so many other schools. if you come here and end up unhappy, then transfer. dont vent on the internet thinikng that its going to make things better.

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The University of Southern California
The University of Southern California
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